Irwin Crowe

BSc (Hons) Psych.

irwinI am an experienced Counsellor with a deep background appreciation of all the traditional and current schools of Psychological thought, my core expertise is rooted in Behavioural Psychology and in particular, the techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

CBT attracted me initially due to its readiness to deal with current issues without the necessity to go too deeply into a person’s past. Whilst the past obviously is important and may need to be discussed to some extent, I believe clients must be able to cope with the here and now and this is my focus.

My belief in CBT as a therapy of choice is supported by substantial Clinical Evidence and as a result of this positive scientific endorsement it is a treatment endorsed by the NHS (via IAPT Agency).

In addition to my CBT practise I am also able and qualified to practise other counselling techniques, mainly using CBT as the core skill but pulling in knowledge from other counselling specialities as and when needed for my clients. CBT is not suitable for all people and all presenting problems so my approach is highly flexible.

I also have many years’ experience in the corporate environment managing a large department for a Leading International Healthcare Company so am well versed in dealing with all types of issues and human traumas in a workplace setting.

In terms of qualifications and apart from basic education I hold an Honours Degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate qualification in CBT (Anxiety and Depression) and have a practising Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2years) that covered all other current techniques at a good theoretical and practical level.

Specialist Areas Covered

Anxiety & Depression/Phobia’s/Stress Related Conditions/Anger Management/Bereavement and Loss/Obsessive Behaviour/Emotional Trauma/Distress associated with Psychotic Disorder.

Also Workplace Issues/Redundancy and Retirement Counselling/Interview Coaching

Fees –  My fees are £35- £45 per hour.

Contact – Mobile : 07741482224 and email