Life Skills

Life skills counselling, otherwise known as life skills therapy or life skills helping, is an educational approach that has as its starting point the ‘problems of living of’ ordinary people rather than those who have been seriously emotionally deprived or possess a clinical disorder.

Sometimes you may reach a stage in your life where you recognise that certain patterns of behaviour are hindering you or you are finding uncomfortable. So for example a person might become aware that they find it challenging or uncomfortable to ask for what they want or need from people in certain circumstances and they therefore do not have their wants and needs met. In this instance engaging in talking therapy to work on developing assertiveness skills and learning and practising how to overcome any obstacles to being assertive could be a highly beneficial life skill resulting in the person living a more fulfilling and balanced life. Some of the most common Life skills that people come to talking to therapies for are:



Stress management.

Managing change

Overcoming difficulties around social situations

Building emotional & mental resilience

Managing retirement

Parenting / Step parenting / Grand parenting

Life skills counselling also allows people to open up avenues of choice around the way in which they deal with  the existence  of the life challenges presented by death, suffering, change, meaning, isolation and freedom. It allows for the possibility that by altering their thoughts and approach to life situations they can alter their behaviour and experience more balanced and manageable feelings. Often people coming to these sort of sessions will use phrases like “I just feel stuck” or “I’d like to be or behave like ******** but I just don’t know how to do it”. Life skills therapy can assist in getting clarity about the way you feel about what you already have or do, improve and maximise what is already in your life or give you the ability and focus to move in a new direction.

In this way Life skills therapy can help ward off feelings of anxiety, resentment or depression that could develop later in life if the life you are living is not the one you would have chosen.